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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Jakarta International Puppetry Festival 2006

Announcing the Jakarta International Puppetry Festival!

Jakarta International Puppetry Festival 2006 will showcase puppetry artists exploring the boundaries of puppetery as a medium of expression. Modern puppetry artists both in Asia and the West are creating challenging work and bringing new vision to tradition. The Festival will bring contemporary puppetry artists from around the world to Indonesia and present Indonesia's most innovative puppetry artists.

November 10-18 2006 at Goethe Institute, Gedung Kesenian Jakarta, and Teater Utan Kayu

Opening Night in Taman Fatahillah (in front of the Museum Wayang, Museum Sejarah and Cafe Batavia)

All performances begin at 8pm and are free of charge.

Participants include:

1. Figurentheater Wilde & Vogel, Germany
2. Poppenteater Damiet van Dalsum, Netherlands
3. Pusaka and Kumpulan Wayang Kulit Anak Baju Merah, Malaysia
4. das Papiertheater, Germany
5. Sovanna Phum, Cambodia
6. Slamet Gundono and Komunitas Wayang Suket, Central Java
7. Cudamani/Wayang Listrik, Bali
8. Wayang Kampung Sebelah, Solo
9. Boneka Panakawan, Yogyakarta

This event is fully supported by AREA magazine. See you on the stage!!

For more information and schedule, please see www.jakartapuppetfest.com

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