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Sunday, October 08, 2006

707ANNEX (will) finally open

707ANNEX will finally open
on October 14th @ 7.07 pm
launching the ultra-rare NIKE SBTG Dunk!

Come be a part of Indo sneaker history! This will be the first ever official Nike release of a special edition sneaker in Indonesia and we're expecting a good atmosphere as many of the local sneakerheads get the 'lining up' experience for the first time and get to meet each other...

We're also sorting out some special prize giveaways and other secrets for those in line so it'll be well worth the wait... For more details keep checking our blog, and sign up to our mailing list for inside info!! (right hand column)

The shoe will be priced at an approved Nike retail price, and Nike reps will be in attendance. Don't sleep on this one...

Untuk yang puasa, kabarnya akan di sediakan donut dari J-CO berbuka! yum

Cilandak Town Square / CITOS
1st Flr, #156 (near 21 cinema)
Jakarta, Indonesia
e: info@Sevenohseven.com

1 comment:

Luch said...

aku penggemar foto still life.. dan foto sepatu di sini keren banget! :D